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Abbott Scholar 2019

Miles Forsyth-Hecken is our 2019 Abbott Scholar and will be going on to read Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE). 

Miles achieved exceptional A-Level results – D1 for Maths (above A*), D2 Further Maths (A* equivalent) A* Economics and B in Physics. So, in ‘old money’ A*A*A*B.  Miles is an exceptional young man and we are delighted to be able to support him during his time at the LSE.

Why have you chosen to read economics?

My interest in studying economics stems from my experience choosing my A-level choices. Unsure whether to choose economics as my fourth A-Level, I decided to read Robert Frankʼs ‘Why economics explains almost everything’, to get an insight into this new subject and understand if it was the right choice for me. The book offered a wide range of applications to simple economic principles, displaying how economics can provide answers to a vast array of questions we may ponder in everyday life. For example, understanding why milk cartons tend to be square in shape but soft-drinks cans are cylindrical. The comprehensive nature of his economic analysis and the relevance to so many tangible situations really appealed to me, beginning my attraction towards the subject.

What are your interests and ambitions?

Whilst at university I hope to exploit as many opportunities as possible, to explore new areas of economics which interest me as well as pursue new extra-curricular activities. I am keen to join the economics society at LSE and participate in the weekly events. In addition, I am interested in the topic of development within economics and hope to join the development studies institute society. Outside of academics, I would like to join the rugby team and possibly explore some new sports or hobbies.

After graduating, I would like to pursue a career in an area of economics which I find interesting and that can benefit others. As I mentioned, I find development economics particularly interesting and I believe its application to developing economies can produce a very positive impact to individuals. So, an ambition of mine would be a career in research or policy which can utilise my understanding to improve the lives of others in developing economies.

In addition to development, the topic of education and its economic impact is a subject which interested me greatly. My experiences in both the public and private school systems sparked my interest and led me to research further about the history, philosophy and current state of education in the UK. Over the summer break last year I read various articles and decided to write an essay for the John Locke Institute on the purpose of education and considered whether our current system is effective in fulfilling its purpose. My entry was highly commended. Growing up in a less privileged working-class family has provided me with a clear understand of the importance of education and how important success in education is for financial progression. So, an ambition of mine is to work with young people who are in similar financial positions to me and encourage them to take education more seriously.

However, I am still interested in many other areas of economics and hopefully over the next few years I can establish a clear view for what I want to do after graduating.

Why is the Abbott Scholarship important?

The Abbott scholarship is incredibly important to me. Coming from a less privileged background without sufficient support to afford the cost of university and life in London, I strongly believe I would experience added stress and pressure during my undergraduate life. But thanks to the bursary, a significant amount of the financial burden will be alleviated, allowing me to focus more on my studies and extra-curricular interests, hence improving the outcome of my degree.

Furthermore, given my interest in international development, an ambition of mine is to volunteer in less developed parts of the world, this way I can help people in need and provide myself with first-hand experience of an area of economics I wish to pursue. Without the monetary support of this scholarship I am certain that this ambition will be much harder to fulfil.

Also, simply being a part of the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers is a great privilege for me, the charitable work that the company does is admirable and the opportunity to be a part of the organisation is a fantastic opportunity for me. I hope to meet many of the members to share thoughts and views on many different matters in the future and I look forward to a long membership myself.

We wish Miles every success during his time at the LSE and look forward to meeting him at dinner during the course of next year.

About the Abbott Scholarship Fund 2019

The Abbott Scholarship Fund is open to students from City of London School applying to Oxford and Cambridge. For the first time this year applications were welcome from students applying to Russell Group Universities. The fund is no longer able to cover a full scholarship but pays a bursary to help him cover living expenses during his time at university.