The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London


The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London was granted a charter by King Charles II in 1664. The Glass Sellers Company is a Livery Company similar to the guilds of medieval times. The original purpose of the Livery was to regulate trade within London in articles made of glass, to ensure quality and fair trade. To that end aspiring traders in glass were apprenticed to a master who was a member of the Glass Sellers Company. He in turn was accountable to the court and officers of the Livery and ultimately to The Master of the Company.

Today the tradition of integrity, generosity and fellowship that governed the company in former times creates an unbroken link with the past. Representatives of almost all the varied interests of the modern glass industry are members of the Livery. The company actively promotes the use of glass in arts, crafts, science and technology and supports education and training in all these areas. There are currently around 200 men and women who are members of the Company and support our work. A significant number have strong connections with the wider glass industries. However membership of the livery today is not restricted to people actively connected with the glass industry.

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The Officers of the Company

Prime Warden

Col Bill Chesshyre

Renter Warden

Barbara Beadman


Paul Wenham

Honorary Chaplain

Canon Philip Need


Anthony W Parker Esq